Here's the rules. Please follow them.

  1. Excessive Capital Letters: Abuse of capital letters in a message. This sometimes can be when you chose to use caps lock instead of using shift for capital letter. If your message is deemed as using excessive capital letters you will be warned.

  2. Spamming in Chat: Abusing chat by spamming a series of messages in rapid succession. If you would like to say something in chat please keep it to one or two messages rather than spamming the chat.

  3. Staff/Player Disrespect: Any disrespect towards a fellow player or staff member. We will not tolerate any sort of disrespect toward another person on our server.

  4. Impersonating Staff: Acting as a staff member when you are not. This could be telling a player they will be punished instead of going to a staff member to have them take care of the situation. If you are interested in applying for staff you may do so here.

  5. Promoting Spam: Abusing chat by promoting spam by others. This could be cause by either a countdown or contest in which spam is promoted by the user. For this you will be warned.

  6. Excessive Swearing: Cursing in chat. If you are caught excessively swearing either in public or private chats you will be warned.

  7. Server Hate: Hating on our server while on our server. This can be anything related to bashing/hurting The Danklands. For this you will be warned.

  8. Lying to Staff: If you are questioned by staff and lie you will be punished with a temporary mute.

  9. Derogatory/Racial Sluts: We are 0 tolerance on this. You will be kicked/banned for this with no warning.

  10. Light Advertising: Saying the name of another server. We do not tolerate saying the name of any other server(s) while on our server. This is punishable by being said publicly or privately. This will cause you to be permanently removed from our server and you must appeal to have the ban revoked.

  11. Advertising: Saying the IP of another server. We do not tolerate advertising as a whole while on our server. This includes public and private messages on our server. This will cause you to be banned and you must appeal to get the ban revoked,

  12. Personal Information: Releasing others personal information. If you reveal someone else’s private information like their names, address, phone number or contact information you will be permanently banned on our server and must appeal.

  13. Hacking/Cheating: Any third party modifications that give a significant advantage over other players. This also includes advantages that can be used via your mouse/keyboard such as macros. Anyone found admitting to using hacks, regardless if joking in the matter you will be banned for unfair advantages.

  14. Abusing Exploits/Glitches: If an exploit or glitch is found, we expect players to not use this to their advantage but to report it to one of the staff members.

  15. Abusing Donor Perks: If you are found to be abusing a donor perk you will lose it.

  16. Punishment Evading: Bypassing a punishment If you are bypassing your punishment by using an alternate account then both accounts will be permanently removed.

  17. Inappropriate Structures: If you are found to be building a structure that is deemed inappropriate you may be banned from the server.